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Genuine Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

There has been a need to create a genuinely responsible investment product in response to a growing trend of investment opportunities labelled SRI. Most of them are based on the measurement of ESG criteria (environmental, social and good governance) which, more than being a measure of distinction, should correspond to the minimum standard required by any organization operating in capital markets.

I2 devised the investment fund I2 Desarrollo Sostenible ISR, FI (I2DSISR) which the asset management compnay GESIURIS, made a reality. An impact investing product that provides a detailed and concrete response to sustainability as a whole: economic sustainability (equal generation of wealth), social sustainability (reduction of inequality), political (setting of consistent practices, policies and legal frameworks) and environmental. A genuinely SRI product.

I2DSISR is a product of impact investing with daily price quotation and liquidity, thus differentiating from the traditional impact investing products that are categorized within the scope of venture capital.


Política de inversión

I2DSISR is a mixed fixed-income fund that develops impact investing with its specialization in:

• Investment in fixed-income issues from large multilateral and bilateral development bodies; entities whose mission is the generation of social benefit. They provide loans under preferential conditions, as well as grants and technical assistance for the implementation of projects that would not obtain these resources by other means.
Issuers are selected on the basis of our assessment criteria, adapted to the assessment of ESG criteria for entities whose aim is the generation of social benefit, since existing standards do not take this feauture into account.

• Equity investment in companies that sponsor infrastructures in low-middle-income countries. These must be recognised by the World Bank as contributors to alleviating the global investment deficit in transport, energy and resource management infrastructure (estimated at EUR 27 billion per year). A further requirement is that the sponsored infrastructure has been funded by the multilateral and bilateral development bodies which are subject to investment in fixed income securities.

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Social impact
The most transparent investment fund in the market

We analyse, evaluate and measure in detail each one of the development projects financed by the fund’s investments. The following details are specified for each project:

• The situation or reason that the development project aims to alleviate.
• The concept of the project and its activities.
• The expected result of the project or the result obtained if the project is finished.

Investors know exactly where 100% of their investment in the planet’s sustainable development is going.

Discover the impact generated by the fund and the projects financed following the link over the image on the right or download a summary its content. 

Leading global sustainability fund, based on the independent assessment of SUSTAINANALYTICS, and with the highest long term sustainability scoring among the funds of national asset management companies. Scoring availaible on MORNINGSTAR.